About Us

Here at Bradshaw Medical we give our customers the competitive edge in today’s highly specialized design and development of OEM orthopedic and spinal instrumentation. We manufacture world class instruments to meet your most demanding requirements. Our team is ready to work closely with your staff in providing solutions to the challenges of today’s highly competitive marketplace. We have the experience, vision and state of the art R&D manufacturing capabilities to be able to develop innovative instruments in time for your next critical product launch.

Our orthopedic and spinal surgical instruments are designed, machined, molded, and assembled in our 30,000 square foot facility, giving us total control over the production process. The process begins with a call to our courteous customer service representatives. From there, our engineering and R&D team will develop an instrument based on your custom requirements. Silicone rubber handles and inserts are molded in a wide variety of shapes, colors and durometers.

BMI’s Capabilities

There resides a great pride within our company in providing you with highest quality orthopedic and spinal instrumentation. We invite you to contact us at the earliest concept phase to ensure a seamless transition from prototype through production. Our knowledgeable staff has over 25+ years of industry experience and is available at all developmental stages to ensure you receive the support that you deserve. We genuinely care about each and every customer and strive to respond to your requests within 24-48 hours. We understand the importance in meeting your critical launches and we are here to support all of your requirements.

In-house rapid 3D printing provides development of 3D SLA prototypes.

The assembly team at BMI builds the instruments per customer requirements.

New, state-of-the-art CNC machining facility gets production underway. Our new 5-axis CNC Mills raise the bar in the industry for speed and repeatability.

Our team of highly skilled machinists ensures all instruments are manufactured to meet your most demanding requirements.

All instrumentation at Bradshaw Medical is passivated. This process removes the free iron from the surface and applies a passive layer to prevent rusting.

Our experienced polishing professionals provide a variety of finishes to meet your print specifications.

As a company, quality is extremely important to us; therefore, our control team uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure standards are met. BMI is ISO 13485:2016 Certified.

Bradshaw Medical uses Swiss style CNC machines that allow parts to be machined using fewer operations than standard machining practices.

Bradshaw Medical has the technology expertise to thermal assemble components, such as Radel to stainless steel.