“We had our first surgeon design review concerning the pedicle screw instruments a couple of days ago. I am happy to say that everyone was really impressed with your instruments. Based on our recent meeting, I would like for Bradshaw to develop most of the instruments for our pedicle screw system. You have been very responsive to work with so far, which is greatly appreciated.”

Major Spinal Company / Vice President, Product Development

“The docs really liked the handles’ light weight and ease of insertion. He had six docs in for the lab and they were all able to use them and evaluate them. I think you guys have a winner there.”

Major Spinal Company / Senior Project Engineer

“Just a quick note of thanks for all of your help getting our custom handle done in such a timely fashion. I recognize this was a lot of work on a short timeline and I appreciate your cooperation and willingness to work with us. I think the handle turned out nicely and it has been well received.”

Major Spinal Company

“That’s great news! You guys shaved off 4 weeks of the expected delivery date. Bradshaw rocks!”

Major Spine Company / Buyer

“You and your team members are an integral part to our company’s success and we would not be able to gain success without your help. Thanks again for your hard work, dedication and outstanding quality.”

Major Spine Company / Senior Project Engineer

“Please extend my congratulations to Hua, Guy and Keith Easter for this great accomplishment. I challenged Guy, & Keith with the rotational force requirement a few years ago at a NASS convention and had the opportunity to view some of their development efforts (and struggles!!) to achieve this milestone. Dr. Gao’s tireless commitment to overcome the challenges he faced with this device, along with the support of Guy, Keith, and everyone else at Bradshaw is a testament to the outstanding company Bradshaw Medical, Inc. has become in such a short time. Well done!!”

Major Spine Company / Senior Design Engineer

“I again wanted to express my thanks for your support in pushing through those hot ALIF instruments earlier this month. Your team did a fantastic job!”

Major Spinal Company / Senior Manager Sourcing

“I am very pleased to present the PO for our initial 7 custom handle designs. We are very excited to officially kick off this project with Bradshaw and are looking forward to a long term partnership on this project and all of our handle business.”

Major Spinal Company / Senior Manager Sourcing

“Congratulations on that [ISO 13485] certification. That is hard work, but you will be happy to have it. This helps us. Thanks to the Bradshaw team for the quick dispatch of our last order. We made our co Alliance workshop and will use the new instruments with your components.”

Major Spinal Implant Player

“We appreciated the response from Bradshaw Medical to fly in on such short notice. All in all, everybody on our end came away with a good result and plans for the future. Your company is one of the best vendors out there and I know that you strive to always produce a great product. Again, thanks for your help in this issue.”

Major Spinal Implant Player

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the Bradshaw Medical team for the last 2 years. I have found them to be one of the most responsive medical device instrument suppliers I have ever worked with. The open and friendly lines of communication I receive throughout all functional areas and levels of the Bradshaw organization sets them apart. It is truly amazing to me what they continue to do in terms of product delivery times and design innovation in their specialty. Our customers are delighted with their best-in-class silicone handles including the most recent torque-limiting ratcheting technology. There hasn’t been an instance where Bradshaw Medical has not been able to deliver the type of handle or other instrument our customers demand and it is relief to know I can continue to count on them.”

Major Spinal Implant Player

“…I love working with Bradshaw, HUGE difference than working with our previous supplier.”

Major Orthopedic Customer

“I have received all of the handles/instruments that I ordered. First, thank you for the quick turn around on that order. Second, the handles/instruments look great. I’m very excited to have such high-quality instruments representing this system and I’m sure the client will share my enthusiasm. The compressor/distractor in particular has been quite popular with the other engineers…”

Senior Project Engineer

“Your continuous updates are greatly appreciated and I look forward to many more projects in the future. I have to supply reports quite frequently and the fact that I never have to ask Bradshaw for one does not go unnoticed…Great job and keep it up!”

Mid-Size Spinal Implant Lead Buyer

“…your folks are on top of things and are a big help. This is much appreciated while we get this company off the ground.”

Spinal Implant Start-up

“Engineering has been very helpful in working with me, communicating the process, and rapidly completing designs for me to evaluate. I think we have the handle geometry on target.”

Product Development Engineer

“The new ratcheting handles with the .250 hex adaptor work well and we’re putting those in the field. Things look good and I appreciate the work that the people at Bradshaw are doing.”

Major Spinal Implant Player

“Thanks, I had sent this (job) to someone else, powers that be said give to Bradshaw…that’s what you get for being so good.”

Production Planner for a Joint Replacement Systems Specialist

“Thanks for the A/O handle, to be honest its the best we have had, very impressed.”

Product Development Engineer

“I should be thanking you guys, you have been very good to us.”

Major Orthopedic Customer

“I absolutely believe in you guys and know you will do whatever is possible to take care of us.”

Major Spinal Implant Player

“Thank you so much to you and the entire team at Bradshaw, your efforts are truly recognized and appreciated.”

Major Spinal Implant Player

“Surgeon loves the instrument, works well and has been used in several cases. The instrument does not slip off the screws as desired. Thanks!”

Major Orthopedic Customer

“Thanks Guy! I really appreciate the outstanding service that you and your team continue to provide me.”

Vice President of R&D for a Major Spinal Implant Player

“Undoubtedly, the best handle in spine cases making all the cases we see, so much easier and more pleasant is Bradshaw’s straight ratcheting handle. It is phenomenal.”

Product Manager, Major Spinal Player

“…you guys ROCK at Bradshaw! Great job!”

Purchasing Manager, Mid-Size Spinal Player

“Bradshaw Medical continues to impress me with the quality of their instruments and customer service.”

R & D Spinal Player